I never used Ruby but heard a lot of nice thing about it.

Octopress is Ruby-based blogging framework for Jekyll, which is supported by GitHub.

<!-- more --> It has several good things I like.

  1. I can write blog in Markdown format.
  2. I can have a lot of control of your blog.
  3. Using it with GitHub means you can have verison control for your blog.
  4. It is easy to insert code snippt into your blog post.

However, there are few things I don't like either

  1. It uses SASS instead of LESS. They are similar tho.
  2. It doesn't really use twitter bootstrap way to build the framework. (Well, I can change it, but it takes time. )

Here are some resource for Octopress beside the official site.

  1. Install and setup : Creating a Github Blog Using Octopress & Setting Up a Blog With Octopress
  2. Themes : 3rd Party Octopress Themes & The ultimate Octopress themes & plugins collection
  3. Plugins : 3rd party plugins
  4. Tip:
    1. How to exclude yourself from Google Analytics